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The International Leisure Trade Division is the primary resource for tour operators and travel planners who focus on packaging, promoting and selling leisure travel to escorted groups and individual travellers. Our sales staff can help group and F.I.T. travel planners with all aspects of travel planning and product development including RFP services, destination information, supplier introduction, resource material, tour and itinerary ideas.

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The Leisure Trade Team

Vice President, International Leisure Trade Sales

Roseanne Longo: 416-203-3825 |

Director, UK, Europe & South America

Brian Graziano, CTIS: 416-203-3836 |

Manager, North America Leisure Trade Sales

Maxine Morrell-West: 416-203-3806 |

Manager, Japan/Korea Market Development

Masaki Suzuki: 416-203-2600 ext. 867 |

Manager, China Market Development

Grace Huang: 416-203-3845 |

Administrative Assistant, Leisure Trade Sales

Jennifer Gamble: 416-646-4178 |