Motor Coach Parking

Free On-Street Motor Coach and Bus Parking

Recognizing the importance of the motor coach tour industry to Toronto and the significant number of school and tour groups arriving by bus, Toronto was one of the first cities in North America to implement wide-scale, free on-street parking for motor coaches. The City of Toronto has identified approximately 75 parking spaces exclusively for use by buses in the downtown Core, surrounding Central Business District and Portlands areas.

Buses are allowed to park for durations ranging from a maximum of 1 hour up to a maximum of 24 hours. Traffic conditions dictate that some of these parking spaces are not available at all hours of the day. However, all spaces are offered free of charge to bus operators. Construction in the central area of Toronto often requires the closure of the curb lane of a road for up to 4 years to enable construction of major developments. In some instances, this might eliminate on-street parking spaces for buses.

Motor Coach Parking Locations and Maps

The City of Toronto website provides detailed information and maps outlining the specific bus and motor coach parking locations in each area of the city, the number of spots available and hours when parking is permitted.

“Pay & Display” On-Street Parking for Motor Coaches and Buses

In addition to the designated motor coach parking spaces available, buses can also park in “pay & display” parking areas on Toronto streets as long as adequate space is available and in accordance with any maximum time restrictions, rush hour parking bans and other signed parking restrictions. Drivers need to purchase a ticket from a nearby machine located on the sidewalk and place the ticket face side up on the windshield of the bus.

Loading and Unloading Passengers

Motor coach and bus drivers may legally “stop” to pick-up or drop-off passengers in any area where a “No Parking” or “No Standing” regulation is posted provided the vehicle is actually engaged in these activities. Motor coaches and buses may not park or wait in these areas for groups to arrive and will be subject to traffic violation fines if doing so.

At certain locations where there is a high demand for passenger pick-up/drop-off “Motor Coach Loading Areas” are identified with advisory signs. Look for advisory signs at these locations:

  • North side of Richmond Street West at the Sheraton Centre
  • West side of Victoria Street at the Ed Mirvish Theatre
  • North side of Carlton Street at the Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre
  • East side of University Avenue at the Hilton Hotel
  • North side of King Street West, west of John Street at the TIFF/Bell Lightbox site.
  • South side of Dundas Street at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

Off-Street Paid Motor Coach and Bus Parking

While the City of Toronto does not operate any off-street parking facilities suitable for motor coaches and buses, some privately operated parking lots do offer varying hourly, daily and flat rates per stay. Drivers are encouraged to contact independent parking lot operators directly for details relating to their location. Some lots are listed below:

  • The Rogers Centre operates a “Pay & Display” parking lot on the south side of Bremner Boulevard, between Spadina Avenue and Rees Street. This facility is conveniently located across from the Rogers Centre and is within a 10-minute walk from the Air Canada Centre, CN Tower, Harbourfront and lake activities, the Entertainment District, Roy Thomson Hall and King Street theatres. Call 416-341-3057 or 416-341-3010, or visit Rogers Centre visitor parking.
  • Pace Properties Parking – selected lots in the downtown core. Call 416-482-2203.
  • Car Park Management – selected lots in the downtown core. Call 416-920-3382.

Please Abide by Local Parking and Traffic Regulations

Toronto is pleased to welcome thousands of motor coaches and buses to our city on an annual basis. The City of Toronto Transportation Services department is continually striving to improve and increase motor coach and bus parking spaces where feasible and encourages drivers to utilize parking areas provided to avoid parking and traffic violations.

Motor coaches and buses parked or waiting in a “No Parking”, “No Standing” or “No Stopping” zone and not loading/unloading passengers could be subject to a $300.00 CDN parking fine. Toronto also enforces an “Anti-Idling” by-law which prohibits idling of a motor coach or bus for more than one minute. Please turn off your engines in respect of our environment and to avoid fines.

Dispute Resolution

Toronto welcomes motor coaches and buses and encourages drivers to abide by local traffic and parking regulations. In the event that you do receive a traffic violation ticket and you wish to dispute the matter, the City of Toronto website outlines the dispute process.